Many scientific studies are published about DNA research, especially in the field of medicine. The following scientific publications focus on behavior and preferred styles and are the basis for the Goldmen behavioral DNA research and developement.

·        The effects of catechol O-methyltransferase genotype on brain activation elicited by affective stimuli and cognitive tasks.

·        The association between oxytocin receptor gene polymorphism (OXTR) and trait empathy

·        Looking on the bright side: biased attention and the human serotonin transporter gene.

·        Genetic variation in the vasopressin receptor 1a gene (AVPR1A) associates with pair-bonding behavior in humans.

·        Catechol-O-methyltransferase contributes to genetic susceptibility shared among anxiety spectrum phenotypes.

·        Oxytocin and social perception: oxytocin increases perceived facial trustworthiness and attractiveness.

·        5-HTTLPR genotype and anxiety-related personality traits: a meta-analysis and new data.

·        Genetic variants in AVPR1A linked to autism predict amygdala activation and personality traits in healthy humans.

·        COMT Val(158) Met genotype is associated with reward learning: a replication study and meta-analysis.

·        Oxytocin increases willingness to socially share one’s emotions.