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What’s in your DNA?

What’s in your DNA?

About your 25,000 Genes. Your biological DNA (your hereditary material you have received from your parents) corresponds to 99% to others.

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Your biological starting point for talent development

Your biological starting point for talent development

By mapping your genetic passport using DNA research, you are better able to use your natural talents in your professional life

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How does it work?

How does it work?

Leadership and talent development based on DNA research starts with an intake meeting in which the personal and/or team goals are set.

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All about DNA research and leadership

Our behaviour is what we see!

Our genes define our common basics!

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OXTR gene : Your Social System

This gene is an indicator of the social system such as empathy and sympathy. It determines how you form close connections with the people you trust. Some people keep a little more distance to others, while others like to immerse themselves in new  groups.



COMT gene : Your Rational System

This gene determines the way in which you create public support within your social environment. In this case, the prefrontal cortex plays a major role. If you can keep your impulses and emotions under control, you are able to proactively prepare and plan on how to make your strategy a success. The disadvantage is that you will experience more stress if the world turns out differently from the reality that you imagined.



SERT gene : Your Emotional System

This gene, that is in the serotonin system, influences your emotional system. It affects how emotional incentives and experiences are processed. This applies to both positive and negative events. If you react violently to a setback, you will be less inclined to take risks again in the future.


DRD2 gene : Your Routine System

This gene also affects your dopamine system and influences how much you are willing to let go of the existing. Some people are able to adjust their behavior very quickly because they don’t have a problem with forgoing their routines and habits. This means that they can switch quickly but sometimes give up too soon if a project requires more perseverance.

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